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Yury Higuchi

UX Designer
  • LinkedIn

Hi there,

I'm Yury, a UX Designer with expertise in data and research.

Working in geospatial technologies and data visualization for over six years, I have developed a passion for understanding how individuals access and interact with information.

I am a firm believer in utilizing human-centered design and data-informed processes to create meaningful solutions that positively impact people's lives. 


My goal is to develop accessible and inclusive experiences that cater to diverse audiences. As every client case is unique, I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and continuously strive to learn and adapt to each project's requirements. I approach every project with empathy and value feedback and iteration as they are crucial in refining and improving the user experience.

Outside of work, you can catch me trying different coffee shops, flower arranging, or playing with my black Shephard, Kona. I am based in New Jersey.

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